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I happily accept commissions, and will adapt to different styles, tastes and requirements. From a simple illustration to a large painting, my aim is to provide a fast and budget-friendly service, keeping you updated throughout the project. I undertake commissions for clients around the world, and the process of commissioning an artwork is simple.

Paintings & Freehand Drawings

Commissions are typically produced from photos supplied by the client, unless a particularly abstract style is required. I can usually work from one photo, but it's always helpful to receive additional photos of the subject. If the artwork is to include several subjects, I can develop the composition from individual photos of each subject.
Turnaround time is generally 3-4 weeks, but if the artwork is required for a special occasion/date then I will try to accommodate this. For oil paintings, please allow an additional two weeks to allow the paint to dry.


Upon completion, I will send the client an image of the artwork via email. The client will then have the opportunity to approve the artwork, or suggest changes to be made. Once I have applied any requested changes, I will email the client another image of the artwork for approval. Upon approval, the full fee is normally payable, after which the artwork will be promptly delivered. There is no charge for consultation prior to beginning work on the commission, but for large projects it is occasionally necessary to arrange an interim payment.


The process of commissioning illustrations is similar to that for other types of artworks; however, illustrations are priced according to their usage. When requesting a quote for illustration work, please provide the following information:

  • A list of uses (for example: editorial, website)

  • Area of use (for example: USA, Asia, UK)

  • Period of use (this is typically 1 or 2 years but can be longer)

If you have a budget in mind for your illustration, it's helpful if you can let me know this upfront as it's a good starting point and can save time when pricing an illustration job. The client's budget can usually be accommodated within reason. My turnaround time is generally 2-3 weeks, but if the illustration is required sooner then I will also try to accommodate this. 



The artwork cost calculator below will provide an approximate guide for the cost of all types of artworks (paintings, freehand drawings, or illustrations). Estimates do not include shipping, which will be paid by the recipient and added to the final cost. For clients based in Scotland, hand delivery of the artworks (paintings & original drawings) may be arranged, as well as framing.

Quotes are negotiable, so if you receive a quote that exceeds your budget then please let me know and see what possibilities exist.

Artwork Cost Calculator

(for illustrations, paintings and original drawings)

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