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Claire Cordiner

Painter & illustrator based in Scotland

Born in Inverness, I’ve been interested in art from a young age, studying art and design throughout my school years. Despite this, I studied law at university, eventually qualifying as a solicitor. Finding this career path unfulfilling, I moved on to study art direction for advertising at Central Saint Martins, and also completed an MSc in marketing management. 

Throughout my career and studies, I have always turned to paints and pencils as a means of release. Creativity is something that runs in my family - my mother, from the Faroe Islands, is an art school graduate, and my sister is an architect (as was my late-grandfather) - and I'm naturally drawn to it. 

I don't have a favourite subject, but love to study people and places, and I'm always fascinated by vibrant colours and fashion. A multi-disciplinary artist, I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, from traditional oil paints or pastels, to digital artwork on the computer.


My surroundings are my main source of inspiration, and I am often found strolling around art galleries, and browsing all types of media during my spare time, in search of fresh ideas. I am also a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts.

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